Handmade Holiday Gifts!
Per Our Amazing Customer:

"I met Michelle Artist and owner of Messenger Birds on a frigid winter morning at the dog park over 8 years ago. We exchanged conversation. She passionately told me of her Messenger Birds. I loved the idea that something so small has the potential to bring a big smile into the recipient's life. I decided to gift it as an impromptu surprise to my grandmother. 

The traveling family bird wasn't something that we planned or told our family we were going to do. It happened all organically. 

After gifting my bird to my grandmother I showed her how to use the bird as an on-going gift. After sitting on her end table for a bit she decided to let the bird do its job and send a message (along with the bird) to one of my cousins to celebrate a birthday.

From there we coined the Traveling Messenger Bird. It flew from Utica to Syracuse, NY. Over the course of the next 5 years, the Messenger Bird traveled to several cities and states down the east coast and midwest. Each time the bird delivered a personal note and a flight log of its past journeys to my cousins, aunts, and uncles. 

It even became a topic of conversation at each holiday dinner to backtrace where the bird might be now. Jessica sent it to Kara, who sent it to Ameena, back to Grandma who sent it to Ashley and so on.

The fun part is we kept track of the receiver, the date, and the sender through the traveling log started by my grandmother!

In April of 2014, the bird came full circle and it was the first time it got back to me since Feb of 2012. 

It was a cross country game of hot potato where you didn't want to be the one caught hanging on to it too long. It was a small fun event to take the time and write someone a note for no reason at all except to say hi and that you were thinking of them. 

Sadly after thousands of miles traveled over 5 years, the bird vanished! It's been a couple of years since it stopped its flights but I decided to start it up again.

I reached out to Michelle and asked her how I can get my hands on another one again. I'm excited to start a new Messenger Bird's journey, its first stop will be to my Grandmother again. Can't wait to hear her call me and say the Messenger Bird is back again!" - Mark 
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What a beautiful way to give a meaningful gift from a thoughtful artist! If you are always looking for an idea for the person you love who has everything, a Messenger Bird is a wonderful option.


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