Handmade Holiday Gifts!

Michelle’s idea was born at the kitchen table of my small apartment over 10 years ago in New Hartford, NY. Each bird is a symbol of authentic human connection that comes from the need to share a special moment with those we love.

Michelle had always felt called to share a treasure of hers with the world, ever since she was a young child her grandmother always searched for the perfect card to express how she felt, that search she would look for, that journey was passed onto Michelle.

Sometimes we can’t find the right words to say. Sometimes we are so overcome by emotion that it makes it hard for us to say how we feel. 

Sending messaging in the present date involves online account and cell phone on their drops of battery life. With this disconnect from how humans communicate in the past we have lost the ability to transcend our sentiment and relate to the written language as a piece of someone’s existence.

Just as an actual carrier pigeon carries a message Messenger Birds to do the same, with in each belly of the bird lies a blank piece to paper designed for you to write a personalized message. The paper may stay and keep the intended receiver warm with comfort or travel onward to someone else. The tangible sentiment lasts a lifetime. 

Michelle’s Messenger birds provide an outlet - one that hasn’t been seen in a long time – authentic human connection, that is what she creates with each bird.  

Each bird is created with love and compassion in mind. The greatest gift that could ever be written are the truest words written.” 

Messenger Bird Story