Handmade Holiday Gifts!

Clay Messenger Birds

Every hand crafted bird comes with a blank note, nestled in the belly of the each bird. Write your own personalized message and send it to the intended receiver. The bird may stay and keep the intended receiver warm with comfort or travel onward to someone else with a new message.

Messenger Birds is a beautiful way to pass along a note of encouragement, love or advice to someone you care about. These little birds are so unique! Every single one is made with intent and passion from the lovely Michelle! Happy to have purchased one and will do so again. Recommend 100%!


Messenger Birds are the most perfect personal gift. The birds are handmade with a hole in the center where you can place a note. I’ve had people contact me years later to say they seek out the bird and message when they need a lift!


What a beautiful way to give a meaningful gift from a thoughtful artist! If you are always looking for an idea for the person you love who has everything, a Messenger Bird is a wonderful option.



Why do special people in our lives love hand written personalized notes? People appreciate the subtle time it takes for a hand written note to be created. With today's world and all its technology a hand written note expresses true sincerity, uniqueness and connection.